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16 August 2009 @ 04:10 pm
These were some very detailed character sheets that helped me keep my characters in character if I felt I ever strayed from their true selves. These character sheets contain SPOLIERS. If you feel like you don't mind knowing then you may go ahead and read them.

The real reason I posted these was to keep them in one spot.
I have no problem with you viewing them; just don't get mad that you know what happens to them by the end of the story.

Character Sheet: Devious Calamity
Allegiance: JUDGEMENT


Devious Calamity
Vanity Grudge


and so I spared you my loveCollapse )
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16 August 2009 @ 04:01 pm
Genre: Horror, Drama, Mystery, mild Gore, Romance, Tragedy, Angst, Friendship, Steam Punk
Rating: PG-13 for descriptive images, and violence
Summary: He remembers not his name, he has lost all that was once his past, and has given up on his future. His duty is to protect humans from that which lurks in the world of the Unseen. The Queen has risen from her slumber and he has been chosen to stop her.
Other: This is a multi-chaptered story and is best read from chapter one; forward.

Prologue - TormentCollapse )
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16 August 2009 @ 03:40 pm
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JUDGEMENT is my personal treasure. This original story has become a very big focus in my life for illustration, and for writing.

This community is open for everyone to join and to watch (whichever suits you) but no one is allowed to post anything be me.

The story JUDGEMENT is based around the main character X; who no longer remembers his past and isn't sure of his future. Because of this he is very introverted towards others he rarely knows. Through his soon to be team-mates ALLEGIANCE X and the evil allegiance JUDGEMENT clash.

JUDGEMENT is run by a Demon who believes herself a Queen. She believes it is her destiny to wrought the world with torture, horror, and through lies, death, and manipulation she wants to destroy all from the inside, out.

There are 3 main factions in this story each with its own past and each one conected somehow.

ALLEGIANCE X: The allegiance that is known as the "good" faction. There main goal is to destroy Unseens. The creatures that stlak the night and who can only be seen by members of Allegiance. Allegiance X has a sub faction known as REAPER. These are an ancient group of people said to be around when The King created the universe and are it's oldest protectors.

JUDGEMENT: The evil allegiance wrought by twisted individuals beguiled by the Queen's lies. Some truly wish for chaos while others are lost down a path and have almost no hope of returning to the light of day. This allegiance consists mainly of creatures not of this world; such as Werewolves, and demons. But some humans experimented on to have everlasting life have also become trapped in the allegiance.

CIRCUS DOLL: Is a group that was created long ago when JUDGEMENT was still a small group of individuals and ALLEGIANCE X had yet to be founded. These are said to be Dolls given the gift of human souls. From that point on they were given two forms. Their doll form and their human form. Their leader, Aucun, is only but a teenager in human standards and leads the group with strength and power. This group is known as the neutral party and does not lean to either side until it is decided that they will side with ALLEGIANCE X because of past hatred to the people of JUDGEMENT who were the harbingers of the CIRCUS DOLLS. This group has 13 members.

Hopefully this explanation of a bit of the allegiances and factions helps things go somewhat more smoothly when reading or viewing things.
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