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16 August 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Character Profile; Detailed - Vanity  
These were some very detailed character sheets that helped me keep my characters in character if I felt I ever strayed from their true selves. These character sheets contain SPOLIERS. If you feel like you don't mind knowing then you may go ahead and read them.

The real reason I posted these was to keep them in one spot.
I have no problem with you viewing them; just don't get mad that you know what happens to them by the end of the story.

Character Sheet: Vanity Grudge
Allegiance: JUDGEMENT


Devious Calamity
Vanity Grudge


Vanity Grudge


Age: 25

Height: 6’0”

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blonde (light)

Rank #: 1st Class – 3rd Commander of Squad J (Devious, Venus, Vanity)

Goals: To find his lost sister (who is actually eventually found dead; killed by the Queen herself)

Job: To be the speed of the Squad (he is also considered ‘the watcher’ since all 3rd ranked commanders are watchers for their squad; a watcher is someone who guards headquarters and is normally the person to be first to go to a mission; also known as a spy). He has amazing grace and accuracy. Precision and is not one to lose his temper during a fight. He has a level head, most of the time and is able to do his job with efficiency with little emotion about it. He is the perfect killer. When not on duty, Vanity plays video games, and lounges around on his worn coach that has seen better days.

Abilities: Gifted with the ability of speed, Vanity’s obvious talent or ability is his un-matched grace in battle. For a human, he rarely misses a target, and is deadly in finding vital points. As a human, though, this makes Vanity limited in anything else. Not extremely smart, but not stupid by any means, Vanity would be considered average at everything else. But his speed makes him a vital, if not goofy, asset to the squad.

Weapon(s): Not really sticking to one weapon, Vanity has a multitude of weapons he uses if they’re in reach. Normally, he goes to battle with nothing but the clothes on his back. He likes hand to hand much more than weapon usage. He finds it gives him more power to deliver the exact amount of lethal carnage to his victims without it being called overkill.


Why this Allegiance?: Originally he came to this Allegiance because his sister was sick and they were the only ones he could turn to to save his sister because he had no money. After she went missing, gone without a trace, Vanity came to hate himself. He became vain. He lost the ability to fight, to understand, and to accept.

He went within himself, and lashed out at anyone and anything. Vanity’s highest superior (the Queen) weaved to him the lie that his sister was captured by Allegiance X and was taken hostage. Anger seeped into his being and he worked his way up the ranks until he joined with Devious and Venus.

Vanity though, deep in his heart, had a feeling he was being lied to by the Queen and that the only one who understood or who never lied to him about it, was Devious, the one friend he felt he ever truly had.

A normal day: A normal day in the life of Vanity consists of him lounging on his couch until the sun don’t shine. One to be lazy, but still active, Vanity takes a few hours in the day to work out and keep himself fit. Not one to like to take showers in the morning, Vanity takes them at night. Vanity is normally a content, and goofy, well-mannered person willing to help when he can. Devious always questions Vanity on why he joined this Allegiance when he seems the total opposite of the others.

Vanity’s normal days are varied. One day he may be relaxing and not moving from his sacred couch, the next he may be out and about, showing the world his soft heart for people and dogs.

Normal day/outing attire: Vanity wears his uniform on the days he’s on duty but on the off days he wears a lot of jackets similar to his uniform jacket. That or long-sleeved shirts. He prefers baggier or bigger pants, which give him more room to relax. Not really liking the skinny jeans, or tight pants, he prefers comfort over looks (or walking over not walking as he puts it at times.)

He loves the colors orange, green, and teal, which shows a lot in his wardrobe. Keeping it simple, except when it comes to jacket patterns, Vanity likes clothes that let him express himself, not his outfits. He says it makes people have to get to know him and not the clothes on his back.

Night/home attire: Like Devious, Vanity tends to just walk around the house in jeans, or boxers, but he normally wears a muscle shirt as well. He is also a fan of funky socks, so he wears them around as well when he can. Though when others come around he gets embarrassed and normally throws on a t-shirt to make sure he’s at least fully dressed.

Obsession(s): Vanity is a goggle lover. Never leaving the room without them stuck to his head, Vanity is never seen without them; well unless he chooses not to wear them, which is extremely rare. Vanity doesn’t really have any more obsessions.

Flaws or Physical Deformities: None (that consist of physical standpoints.)

Though later on in the story, Vanity almost loses his arm because of what he does at the end.

Fears: Not being able to protect those he loves and cares for. Vanity has a problem with releasing control, and so, he doesn’t like it when his friends, or family are not in his reach, though most of the time for the purest of reasons, sometimes Vanity can become too control oriented. And because of this can lash out on his fellow man. He use to have anger problems.

Tends to be: Reserved but well spoken, and opinionated. Never taking a time to not tell his two cents Vanity is a talker to a degree and loves to share his opinion. Though, it is hard for many who know him to believe he is actually reserved when first meeting people. Though not as talkative as he use to be, he was always most comfortable and accepted (so he said) by his sister who is later found dead.

Cute, Sexy, or Handsome: Handsome. Not too cute but not sexy, Vanity is handsome. He has the dignity of a gentleman (though the way he eats could tell a different story.) Vanity doesn’t blush easy and isn’t one to be afraid of women and treats them just as he would a guy (minus the stupid jokes…most of the time.) Not one to care what others thing of his appearance Vanity is easily admired by men for this, and loved by women who stop to appreciate it.

Vanity doesn’t think of love often and doesn’t obsess over it. His normal energetic and magnetic attitude gives him the smile and face of a handsome, well reserved, but over all happy person.

In the End: Vanity almost dies, but is spared. At first radical in his views on Allegiance X, Vanity becomes awakened when he finds out his sister wasn’t taken hostage by Allegiance X but by the Queen he serves. She even kills her to prove how much she owns Vanity. Though he almost went berserk on them all for her death, and almost lost his arm and life by the hands of Fade, Vanity is saved by Victoria, who says that he has the heart to change. Not one to be big on the changing the person, since humans can’t change a person themselves, Victoria truly stands by her assumptions that he should be spared.

Vanity is now seen ever so often by the 4 man squad of Allegiance X standing by a small grave standing alone. Though a human, all Allegiance JUDGEMENT people are gifted with eternal life because the Queen gives them a drug they think is just wine, but is actually a potion to keep them eternally youthful because the Queen hated seeing things age and wither.

So though a human, Vanity is no longer allowed the ability to age and grow old. He finds this a sad thing, since he always dreamed of growing old and dying with the pride of living a humans life; no matter how messed up it may have been. Vanity is close friends with Devious and is normally seen with him at the library or at a café talking about daily life; since Devious is still a Reaper.

Vanity eventually joins Allegiance X as well, deciding he can best help the people by improving their lives by protecting them from the things he once stood beside.

Words/saying to describe him: ‘Be of good cheer. Do not think of today's failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere, and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles — a delight in climbing rugged paths, which you would perhaps never know if you did not sometime slip backward — if the road was always smooth and pleasant. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost. Sometime, somewhere, somehow we shall find that which we seek.’

- Helen Keller

Song that best fits his personality/situation: N/A
Current Music: Sumire by GazettE